Believe me "It does not matter where you come from. All that matters is where you go. "What matters is what you do. Do it with a deep heart. "Passion is always at the beginning of every success. Changes do not just happen ..... "Things do not just happen. Things will be created. "Those who are always waiting for things to turn out, turn everything in their favor on their own, usually wait a long time. Only your own destiny is in your hands. To steer it in the right direction, you have to take absolute responsibility for it.

Believe me, it does not matter how old you are, where you grew up, if and what you have learned, or what you are required to - only you can change your life at any time. Do not mourn the past, do not always think about the future, but live here and now. BECAUSE "Today is a good day for change".

 "Today is your good day for change".

 My music video for you! My motivation for you!